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14th OVI 3rd Arkansas

Reenacting Group

The 14th OVI/3rd Arkansas is a non-profit corporation dedicated to remembering the Civil War through Living History and preservation. Our unit is based in the northwest Ohio and the southeast Michigan area. If you have questions or wish to get more information on joining our family oriented group. Please feel free to give us a shout via email.

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14th ovi 3rd arkansas Schedule

2019 Schedule

April- Johnson’s Island Clean Up, April 6th, Marblehead,Ohio (Civilian Clothing)


Mansfield Civil War Show, May 4-5th, Mansfield,Ohio (14th OVI) (Supported)

Memorial Day Parade, May 27th, Bowling Green,Ohio (14th OVI) (MAX)

June -

Zimmerman House, June 1st-2nd Marshville, Ohio (14th OVI) (MAX)

Ft. Meigs, June 15-16 Maumeee, Ohio (14th OVI or 3rd Arkansas) (Supported)

Ohio Village, June 21st-23rd Columbus, Ohio (3rd Arkansas) (MAX)


Hale Farm, August 9-11th, Akron Ohio (3rd Arkansas) (JDR)

Jackson Ella Sharp Park,  August 23-25th, Jackson Michigian (Supported) (3rd Arkansas) (JDR)


Zoar, September 20-22 Zoar,Ohio (14thOVI)


Vermillion - Mill Hollow October 5-6th (14th OVI)

Apple Butter Festival, October 13th, Grand Rapids Ohio (14th OVI or 3rd Ark)

Keepers House, October 12th, Marblehead,Ohio (14th OVI) (Supported)

November- Battle of Mill Springs Ky. Nov. 1st-3rd (3rd Arkansas) (MAX) 
Veteran’s Day, Bowling Green OH (14th OVI)

January- Winter Gathering 12th, 2020